The Sound of His Voice

The children of Israel were offered the chance to hear God’s voice directly, but they were frightened and refused.  They did not want the responsibility of hearing from God, so they delegated that responsibility to Moses.

Today, many Christians feel like they do not hear from God.  But the truth is that Jesus came into the world so that we can know God, and He sent His Spirit so that we can hear God personally.

Some Christians believe God does speak anymore.  Others desire to hear from God, but are frustrated that they cannot seem to discern His voice.  Others never allow themselves to be quiet and simply be in God’s presence and hear from Him.

In this sermon, Vicki explains how God called her to relocate her ministry from Dallas to Tulsa.  She also discusses the difference between intercessory prayer and spending intimate time with God.  Above all, Vicki explains how to hear the voice of God and experience the glory of God and His intimate presence in your daily life.


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“If we don’t have God outside these four walls, we’ve missed the point!  We come in here to get filled up so we can go out and spill over!” – Vicki

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