New England Place of Prayer

VJPM is partnering with Steve and Barbara Arbo to help Arbo Ministries establish a “place of prayer” in New England.

Long-time friends of VJPM, Steve and Barbara felt called by God to build this prayer center in the Northeast 30 years ago.  “We know that years ago God called us to establish a place of prayer,” says Barbara, “but we are just now stepping into what we’ve been called to be!”

During a scouting trip in March 2013, Barbara located a beautiful 1793 Colonial.  It was completely updated by its present owner.  During negotiations they were granted an additional 6.8 acres of land for growth.  “It’s absolutely the favor of God, and above and beyond all we would dare ask or think!” says Steve.

Fundraising began in July 2013.  They are scheduled to close on the property by the end of March 2014.  “We will continue to fundraise and trust God to pay off the entire mortgage so that this property can be debt-free for the glory of God, and be ready to move forward to establish the purposes for it in New England,” say Steve and Barbara.

VJPM is joining with Arbo Ministries to see this vision from God become a reality.  Vicki always had a heart for New England.  During her a ministry there, over 20,000 people became followers of Christ in three years.  Many churches were planted out of this revival.

Steve and Barbara worked for VJPM for years and were mentored by Vicki in the ministry.  They were some of Vicki’s “spiritual children.”  To see this place of prayer established in New England is a concrete way of honoring Vicki’s spiritual legacy.

Consider giving a gift of any size towards this dream.  The full amount of every donation will be sent directly to Arbo Ministries for the establishment of this place of prayer.


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    Bill alevrides

    Where is this place. I was touched by Vicky many years ago.

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    Thanks for stopping by Deadrea, i will be pyirang for u and ur children/family keep pushing and stay strong, no matter what, fall down get back up, dont ever let the devil hold u down, thanks again for stopping by the site and sharing ur heart, much love S.P.

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    joseph ngugi

    I would love to have more information on this ministry. Is it a place where a person can come and spend days seeking the face of the lord? if it is, please reply to me with the booking information. Thanks Joseph N

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