“The orderliness of prayer keeps the universe vacuumed,” says Vicki.  God wants to partner with us to transform the world through the power of prayer.  All we need to do is yield to His Spirit.  Learn the principles of intercessory prayer in this paradigm-changing lesson from Vicki Jamison-Peterson.

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    Hello my name is Toakase Fisiihoi i was born in Tonga and i move to NZ1985 .Today is 14march 2018 ,I see you sing and i start laughting.I WANT TO KNOW MORE about your ministry please thank you

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    Sharon Miller

    Just a note to say I watched you on Sid Roth and when you prayed for people I received a healing.Praising God! Thank You Father!

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    Two of her books are out of stock on her website will more be printed?

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    Tell me how to do this Intercessory pray. I want to learn how to get a pray thru. I want to know how to be transform by Jesus.
    I am praying to get started In ministry.

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    i could listen to her sweet voice all day long.

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