Following God


The question, “How can I follow God?” is one that has always been utmost in my thinking since Christ came into my life and made me a new creature in Him. As I sat in a chapel service one morning during my first year as a student at Christ For The Nations institute in Dallas. I little realized as the minister began to speak that this would be a message which would show me new insights into the love of God and give me God’s guidelines as to how I could better follow Him.

As the speaker, the Reverend John Osteen, opened the Scriptures to us that morning, he spoke on the subject, “God’s Divine Flow of Love.” He said that if we sincerely wanted to follow God, we should follow love. Has someone ever come to your mind, someone whom perhaps you have not seen or heard of — or even thought of — for some time, and suddenly you felt an overwhelming love for them? This is an extension of God’s divine flow of love which causes you to think of that person and pray for him. By bringing this one to your attention, God is showing that He is mindful and cares about the needs of every one of His own. God may not always give us a full or even partial revelation as to what the need or problem may be. It could be that there is no urgent need at the moment but just that God wants to manifest His divine love to that person through you. As you call or visit that person, or perhaps write a letter, be willing to be an open channel of God’s love. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will quicken a scripture to your heart that you can share.

Shortly after hearing Brother Osteen’s message I was to have an opportunity to put God’s divine flow of love into action. While driving near the home of a friend whom I rarely saw, I felt an overwhelming love for her and her family. As I opened my heart before God for His leading and grew quiet in my spirit, I felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting to go to the store and buy them a ham. My mind wanted to argue with my spirit, and doubt began to try to take over. “They live in a lovely home–they don’t have that kind of need. You will just look foolish,” my mind seemed to argue.

Having just heard that if you want to follow God, follow love, I thought, “I’ll just see if this is the way it works.” So I went to a nearby market, purchased a large ham, and drove to my friend’s home. Rather hesitantly I rang the doorbell, and soon my friend came to the door. She greeted me warmly, but with a quizzical look on her face which seemed to ask, “What are you doing here?”

Not wanting to say the wrong thing, yet desiring to put this teaching to the test, I rather meekly said, “I just wanted to bring you this ham.”

I will forever be grateful for her response of openness and gratitude to this my first experience of allowing God to use me as a channel for His love. For there are some who would never admit to a need, spiritual or material, which might cause one to feel that he was not really led of the Lord to minister in this manner. She told me how she had not had the money to buy any meat for her family and had prayed, “Lord, if you want my family to have meat to eat, You’re
going to have to send it.”

Jesus said, “Give, and it SHALL be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, SHALL men give into your bosom…” (Luke 6:38). This is a simple explanation of how this wonderful truth works. For the gospel is simple and God works in uncomplicated ways.

God is interested in everything that concerns us. His love is boundless. Let me urge you to ask Him to use you as a channel for His divine flow of love and become His hands and His voice here on earth. You will be blessed abundantly, so be prepared!

Since the day I first heard this marvelous truth from God’s Word, I have endeavored to walk in this love. I may not have always been as attentive as I should, but my confession of faith, and one I would like for you to share with me, is:

“Father, forgive me for not always following love. Teach me to walk in Your ways, hear Your voice and obey. Help me to love my neighbor as myself and fearlessly share Your love. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’ name. I AM a love-creature like my Elder Brother, Jesus!”

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