Faith In Action

How does faith develop?  What do you do when the answer you are seek doesn’t seem to have come?  How do you respond to fear and doubt?  In this teaching Vicki shares the key to building a relentless faith: coupling the force of faith with the power of patience.


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    Hello i see you sing and i start laught.I LIVE in nz but was born in Tonga move to NZ1985 i want to know aboutyour ministry please my ph no 02041549266 thank you or 09 570 6436

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    I am believing, in faith, and praying for the patience to experience the answer… I want to be married and I want to create a family with Rifaat. Our love for each other grows as our understanding of God’s love grows and is experienced. I need to feel that love. I am believing I am secure spiritually,emotionally, physically, financially, I am safe and I am Loved and I will contine to love…

    This recorded message Vicki gave really spoke to me and I am so grateful for my Auntie Jean who suggested I visit this website. God was able to use this as a vessel to give me peace tonight…
    A message that was given years ago still reaching peoples hearts God is the same yesterday today and forever more…

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