Carriers of His Glory

We can change the atmosphere in any situation and leave a divine impression with the people we meet when we realize that God has called us to be carriers of His glory.

Sitting alone in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport during a winter blizzard, I had not expected to strike up a conversation. So, when a gentleman rolled a woman in a wheelchair a few feet in front of me, I had glanced at her briefly, then resumed reading my magazine. I was totally absorbed in the news.

But since I was the only other person there, the woman struck up a conversation with me.

“This is going to be my last trip,” she said.

Somewhat distracted, I said, “Really?” I quickly became aware of God’s presence and immediately moved into the seat next to her so I could touch her. So I put my arm around her and let her tell me about her condition.

The woman suffered from critical arthritis. I found out the doctor had told her if she wanted to see her family again, she’d better do it right away because she could never travel again.

As she recounted her story, I just listened and held my arm around her, quietly allowing the anointing of God to flow into her body. I learned that she was a Christian, but she didn’t know God still heals today. So I shared some scriptures with her about healing, explaining that it was God’s will to heal those who are ill.

“I didn’t know that!” she exclaimed.

Within a matter of a minute or two, I asked her, “Why don’t you move your legs now?” She had already told me that she couldn’t move her legs at all. However, I know the anointing of His power to heal was present.

The moment the woman tried to move her legs, she screamed in shock, “Oh! I can move my legs!” God had instantaneously and totally healed her!

Within 10 minutes of sitting in a deserted part of O’Hare Airport, the woman who had rolled up in a wheelchair walked out praising God! Her life was completely transformed that day by the glory of God.
Carry God’s Presence to the World

God desires to use us in unusual ways, in unusual places–not just in a church setting. He wants His glory in all the earth. Our God is not One to be contained.

One day, as I was looking up the various meanings of the word “glory,” I discovered that the root of one of the words we translate glory means, “numerous; rich; honorable; abounding with; very great; lay heavily; prevail; promote to honor.” But I really became excited when I found that the full definition of the word includes “to make self many”–in other words, “to multiply Himself.”

In 2 Corinthians 3:18, the Apostle Paul states, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

God’s glory–His splendor, His honor, His prevailing power–comes to change us, to make us like Him. In that process of changing from one degree of glory to another, God multiplies or increases the presence of His glory within us. As a result, His glory becomes so great in our lives that even before we have said anything to people about Jesus, people can sense His presence when they are in our presence. He has overwhelmed us with Himself. Thus, we can become God possessed.

God desires us to carry His presence to the world. As we simply yield or respond to Him, He will release His glory through us to those around us.

I’ll often go up to a salesperson and ask, “How are you doing today?” If they say, “Oh I’m sick,” I’ll often take their hand and answer, “Well, in the Name of Jesus… Now, how do you feel?” With a startled expression, the individual will look amazed. Then sputter, “Fine!” Airports are awesome places for having divine appointments.

It’s not at all complicated. As Christians–as “Christ-in-us-ones”–we are anointed to take His Name and carry His glory to the world. This isn’t solely the responsibility of those who stand in a fivefold ministry office. It is the number one ministry of every one of us who are believers. We are all called to carry the glory and transforming presence of our God into the world.

But before we can carry Him to the world, we must allow Him to overflow in us.
Give God an Opening

That overflow comes as we open as path for the glory of God. But you may say, “I’ve already given an opening to God.” I assure you, He is waiting for you to open up more. The degree to which you allow the glory to overflow in you is the degree to which the glory can flow out through you.

A few years ago, I had an extraordinary experience that taught me on a personal level that wonderful things will happen when we choose to respond to His Spirit. During those years, each time I began to minister, I would fall into an exhilarating well of joy in the Holy Ghost.

It began after I had been waiting on God for several months about some matters. I emerged from that time of prayer and fasting falling on the floor and laughing with the most incredible joy. And I’ll tell you the truth: It felt so good. I wanted to do it all the time!

It is thrilling to feel God’s presence inside you so strongly that you laugh or weep because when He comes in, you change! At times my behavior seemed excessive to some. And it was–excessively joyful! The “joy” movement, as some refer to it, was a time of experiencing a profound connection with God’s nature and His presence.

But the important thing is not whether you laugh, fall, roll or run. The important thing is that you choose to respond to the Holy Spirit. Because when you respond to Him, you make a pathway for the glory of God to enter in and saturate you.

What is happening is God is creating in us a hunger for Him. And because we’re hungry for God, we’re open to whatever He wants to do.

God inspires us to pursue Him that He may lay hold of us. In gradual stages, He stirs us to open our hearts to Him. Why? He’s setting us up. Step by step, every time we respond to His presence, God draws us a little closer to Himself. He is guiding us into direct encounters with His manifest presence that will change us forever. (It’s not a one-time encounter.) The purpose? To get us in position for His grand finale–the greatest outpouring of glory the earth has ever known!

In Haggai 2:7, The Amplified Bible states, “And I will shake all nations and the desire and the precious things of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor, says the Lord of hosts.”

In Hebrew, the word shake used in this context means “God will throw His weight around.” His “weight” is His fullness or abundance. The weight of God’s glory, then, is the fullness of God.
Church Not as Usual

Just as we have learned to confess who we are in Christ and to fill our hearts with His Word, we must also learn to yield to the Holy Spirit, for He is the One Who activates the power of the Word in our lives.

In this hour, like never before, the Spirit of God will release mighty demonstrations of the Word in the earth by the power of His glory. That glory will flow through us, the Body of Christ, to a world without Him–a world looking for a God Whose presence is real.

All we stand in need of–spirit, soul and body–is found in the glory. Recognize it. Yield to it. Receive it.

Then, when God wants to display a tangible demonstration of His Spirit and power to the world, He will do that through you and me. We are temples of the living God. We are containers of His presence. We are carriers of His glory.


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    I been having a sleepless night over His presence. Holy is helping now. Thanks. More grace sir.

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    Wow! Simply awesome! So blessed, Just what I was looking for. God bless you as you take the time to listen to God and make what He has said known.

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    I just desire God to be real to me,that the light of my salvation be able to draw the youths here in Kenya to him.
    I am waiting sir for this next level,the heavens should open up for me

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    Andrea Perez

    I was led by the spirit of God to read this article. I am so full of joy. I have a better understanding of “The weight of God Glory”. Thank you.

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    Awesome message Glory to God. Do you have a website?

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    Alita Kiss

    During worship at church last night, I was holding my hands out and felt a heaviness as if something was laying across them. I then received a word that the weight of His Glory was there and that we were to cry out to Him for our needs, the lost, our communities, our nation. We had blessed His heart with our worship.

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    I just watch it’s supernatural all the time and just wanted, yerned for the experiences these preachers have?

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    Dee Christensen

    Now I understand—–

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    When i was through ,reading this article,God’s presence overwhelmed my entire being.

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    When i was through ,reading this article,God’s presence overwhelmed my my entire being.

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    I am so blessed by this testimony, the more I began seeking the presence of the father and true intimacy that comea from being in his presence I realize that I am a carrier….a glory carrier…I dont get it right all the time…but my heart is pure towards my father….I encourage you all…..many times we think we have to be perfect for God to use us…..but its more about being sensitive to his spirit and willing to be a carrier of his glory……and intimacy…….The glory carriers…be blessed….

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    I have learnt a lot from this message and will inspire others. God divine wisdom will continue to overflow in you in jesus name.

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    My God I was so blessed…..thanks for this article it give so much Exhortation and Revelation. …To God be the Glory

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    My God I was so blessed…..thanks for this article it give so much Exhortation and Revelation. …To God be the Glory

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    Dear Vicky,

    Your article’s essence is sublime as the Lord Himself.

    Much gratitude,

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    Deborah Williams

    Awesome, now I understand what is happening & why. Everything was so detailed, you didn’t leave any room for errors. This was a life changing messages, teaching & the divine wisdom of God using as that vessel of His divine glory & love for us. That’s why I fell in love with my savior & Lord.,and I am not ashamed of my relationship with The Keeper of My Soul. I love You Jesus. Amen & Amen

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    I loooove you. You are soo beautiful. Oh my, this was just too mmm. Nana.. words cannot describe. Totally in sync with what was prophesied to me today. Thank you so much for availing yourself to God and continue to be an open vessel. God has beautiful plans for you. Just walk in His words. I actually didn’t plan on writing so much but yeah.

    God bless you abundantly.

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    I’ve been told a couple of times that I am a Glory Carrier and I didn’t know what it meant. Thank you for sharing and helping me understand that I must continue to open myself up to the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

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    mrs daina vincent

    god bless you iam blessed.

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    adeleke yemisi

    What a word in season o that we would empty ourselves for His fulness.God bless u sir

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    Antonia Sullivan

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, cause you have helped me to now understand what God’s donig in me this hour. everything you stated connects with me and has empowered me to run on and open myself more to the spirit of God so he can fill me and I can be a carrier of his Glory.
    Thank you and be encouraged.

    • VJPM

      Thank you for sharing, Antonia. God is faithful, and He is always at work. Just listen for His voice and let Him work through you!

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    Ranti Ogunrinola

    The glory of God is awesome! Iwant to be there, as prophesied in Isaiah 40:5. So help me God. Thank you sir, for sharing this with the world.

    • VJPM

      Amen! “The glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all people will see it together. The LORD has spoken!” Let it be so, in the name of Jesus!

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    Oh i would love to be a carrier of His glory! thats so cool that you’ve reached that level!!

    • Vicki Jamison-Peterson
      Vicki Jamison-Peterson

      Hi Mae! Thanks for your comment. Actually, being a carrier of God’s glory is not about reaching a level–it’s about recognizing the truth. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and filled with God’s Spirit, you already are are carrier of the glory of God!

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    tinaye v raswalaki

    I learnt a lot about being a carrier of the glory and to minister to other people. I would like to share with my friends because a couple days ago we encountered HIS glory in a revival meeting and the place has not been the same ever since. I have been encouraging them to behold the glory and not let go. The service was awesome. Its a week now i m still in that same state. Glory to GOD.

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    Ms. Rich

    Thank you for sharing this writing, now i understand what a Glory carrier is. I have been blessed. Thank You.

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    Mrs Ola Olorunsola

    God bless you for this write up. I now know am a carrier of His glory. Thanks

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    Just today in church I received sermon or preaching that talked about glory carrier and was just going through the internet to grab more about the meaning when I saw this. Now I begin to feel am carrying the glory of God as inside of me begins to give me that sign.God is indeed very good. Thanks for this.

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    My life will never be the same after reading Carriers of His Glory!
    I consider myself to be a glory carrier, God’s glor shall be revealed!

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    Mrs. Reed

    i desire his glory. a lady ministered to a group of us at a home about being carriers of his glory. i was so excited i went to church sharing it withe the women and as a result i’ve experienced much hurt being in a place that doesn’t understand being a glory carrier. i continue to pray and believe that God allow me to be a carrier of his glory in his kingdom, amen. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS WORD. IT HAS INDEED BLESSED ME SO MUCH. THANKS!

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      Patricia Chambers

      Our God is wondrously beautiful, Antonio, so thank you for helping me to understand how we are all made beautiful too when we carry him with us and allow His precious presence and glory of The Lord to move through us to others for his glory. Just the thought is so humbling that the Maker of all heaven and earth, the fish of the sea and birds of the sky, desires that we (his children) would carry his glory. Awesome! Wow! Blessings

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